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Let’s Grow Early Learning Centre is set amidst the natural beauty and majestic backdrop of rolling hills and trees located on the Whaingaroa coastline. The purpose built, architecturally designed childcare centre situated on a large section is conveniently located close to the Raglan township.

We value and encourage a culture of emerging independence, respect, responsibility, ako, whanaungatanga, manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga.

Our programme is based on an emergent curriculum where the tamariki are the designers of what the day will look like. We implement the principles and strands of Te Whariki throughout our child lead curriculum. We believe that the ideas, interests, knowledge and experiences that tamariki bring with them everyday informs what they want/need to learn and explore and it is our responsibility to facilitate this learning. We see each tamariki as an individual and endeavor to work closely with family/whanau to give each child what they need to grow into a competent and confident young learner.
We endeavour to provide a warm, nurturing, trusting and relaxed environment, where all tamariki have the opportunity develop a sense of belonging and grow into well rounded, creative, socially competent, confident and capable young learners.
We view play as valuable learning. Giving tamariki as much opportunity as possible to play in the early years is very important to us. We understand that during uninterrupted and child lead play, the most valuable learning happens. We also see value in our daily rituals such as, kai and moe and meditation time, however, we ensure that between these times the tamariki have plenty of opportunity to play.

Hours of operation
Monday – Friday 7.30am – 5.30pm

Our programmes
Our programmes are designed to reflect the age appropriateness and general abilities of children at varying ages in their developmental cycle, and accordingly, the educational content alters as the children progress through the individual age groups, culminating in the preschool years where the emphasis is focused more towards providing the children with the skills required to be school ready.

Our centre provides morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Breakfast is provided for those children that arrive before 8.30am at the centre. All food that is provided is healthy, nutritious and prepared to the highest quality standards.

To help with the cost of childcare you may be eligible for a subsidy from WINZ, please contact WINZ on 0800 559 009.

20 hours ECE
Parents of 3+ year olds can claim the ’20 Hours ECE subsidy’


At Let’s Grow we are proud of our premises. Our unique outdoor environment gives children the opportunity to explore nature first hand. Children can jump in puddles, observe insects, care for our animals, climb on logs, and plant their own vegetables.

Nature at our doorstep
We feel very blessed to be surrounded by the best that nature has to offer. Just a stones throw down the road is Ngarunui Beach where we often visit and fossick for natural treasures in the sand dunes. Just over the fence from Let’s Grow is our outdoor education area, you’ll often find us there building structures or gazing over the beautiful estuary.


Tiaki Room 0 – 2 years

The Tiaki programme is responsive to the individual needs of the children attending each day. With this age group each child has a unique routine that we endeavour to uphold where possible. The programme is based on maintaining a nurturing environment that is supportive to each baby’s individual need. In these very early stages of a child’s life, it is paramount to make sure that children feel secure and comfortable in their surroundings. Supporting children to develop a strong sense of belonging and develop relationships with their Kaiako and peers is our priority.

Being able to move freely between the indoor and outdoor spaces is an essential aspect of the Tiaki room philosophy. The children will participate in a wide range of experiences both indoors and out. The children take part in experiences to meet all developmental areas such as music, singing, painting, push pull toys, manipulation materials, blocks, storytelling, puppets, sensory resources and more.

Communication (verbal and non-verbal) is a strong part of the programme as this enhances a growing vocabulary and lays the foundation for the child as they move through into the Tangaroa and Karioi room.

Tangaroa Room 2 – 3.5 years

In this age group we continue to build and consolidate on learnings from previous years and begin the gradual transition to a more structured programme, ready for the preschool room and eventually the progression to primary school.

Learning through play and meaningful interactions are the main focusses for this age group. We set up a range of daily activities based on children’s interests and needs. Baking, messy play, playdough, water, small worlds, music, dance, stories and lots of opportunity to challenge their physical abilities are some of the activities that we provide.

Children in this age group are grappling with big emotion and social competency concepts. While children are learning to manage their emotions and develop social competency skills, we ensure kaiako are close by to support children. Teachers will do this is through modelling and supporting children to talk about how they are feeling, effectively communicate, listen to others, share ideas, take turns, show kindness and respect for others and our environment.

Starting to learn self-help skills such as using the toilet, washing hands, getting dressed, asking for help and being responsible for belongings are also skills that are encouraged in the Tangaroa room.

Small mat times are introduced in this room as an opportunity to engage in story time, music/dance, practice listening skills and being part of a group activity.

The Tangaroa programme is continually reviewed to meet all children’s learning needs and respond to their individual and group interests. Themed play areas are set up in response to children’s interests as a way to encourage further learning in an area of interest.

Karioi Room 3.5 – 6 years

The programme that children are introduced to at this age places more emphasis on providing challenging activities that provide tamariki with opportunities to expand their knowledge, experiences and skills. The programme also aims to support children to explore strategies and skills they will need as they transition into school.

Being school ready is about being socially competent, self-regulated, self-sufficient and being excited about the next step in their learning adventure. In the Karioi room each child will be supported in becoming a competent and confident learner who is capable of leading their own learning and development. This is achieved through a mixture of child lead activities and plenty of opportunity to play. As our programme is child lead, we have lots of resources available should children wish to pursue more traditional areas of learning such as reading, writing, maths and science.

The programme and resources available are designed to enhance creativity and expand children’s life skills. Spontaneous mat times that are inspired by the children’s interests give tamariki the opportunity to participate in a wide range of creative movement, waiata, story telling and the sharing of news from home. The children are supported through their play endeavours and are encouraged to work together as a team. The children take part in small and large group experiences and each day undertake tasks that present meaning and purpose. These tasks are known as ‘real jobs’ in the Karioi room where tamariki have the opportunity to help kaiako and peers to maintain our vegetable gardens, care for our animals, setting up/tidy up kai tables and support at tidy up time.


Meditation as a daily ritual and an integrated part of our curriculum:We view meditation as a valuable tool to support children’s learning about their physical, emotional and spiritual selves. We understand the link between each dimension of holistic development and how meditation can have a profound effect on cognitive development.  Meditation in the early years supports the development of self-awareness, self-regulation, compassion and empathy for others, understanding of feelings and emotions, awareness and skill in bodily relaxation, and reduces anxiety and stress. Finding time to just be, tap into oneself, relax and concentrate on the here and now can be challenging and a practice that is often left out of our daily lives. The intention is that the children turn their awareness inward and notice their breath, how they are feeling physically and emotionally. We understand that when a child learns to calm their survival brain, the frontal cortex is given more resources to activate.

The integration of yoga as a weekly practice: As an extension of the Karioi daily meditation programme, a local yoga teacher regularly visits the centre to teach the children yoga. The motivation is to give tamariki the opportunity to familiarize themselves with yoga practice in a way that is fun and meaningful for them. Yoga is hugely beneficial for children’s learning and development and total wellbeing. Yoga also supports children to strengthen the connection between mind, body and breath. Bexie is a trained adult and child yoga teacher and has a wonderful way of engaging children with yoga through taking them on a yoga adventure accompanied with storytelling.

Kura Taiao: The Karioi room go on regular weekly excursions to Kura Taiao to spend the afternoon in nature without our usual resources. Running free at Kura Taiao with little added resources has many wonderful learning outcomes for children such as encouraging children to use their imagination and creativity, think outside the square, be inventive, and explore and experiment with the natural found materials around them. With little stimulation from resources, children stop, notice the wonder around them and challenge themselves. There are trees to climb, long grass to sit in and a tidal stream and many birds to observe. While we are at Kura Taiao we support children to challenge themselves and develop physically, socially and emotionally. We notice wonderful learning dispositions emerge around social competency, creativity, kaitiakitanga, self-regulation and observation. The children are also supported to learn about keeping ourselves and each other safe as we navigate the driveway and carpark getting there.


Let’s Grow Early Learning Centre was opened by Kylie and Aaron back in 2014 in response to a need in the local community.

Having young children of their own they knew the importance of feeling at home and comfortable with the place and the people who will be caring for them. Their vision was to create and provide a nurturing learning environment for our children and families, a home away from home.

Growing up in small town New Zealand gives us great childhood memories of experiencing all the natural wonders that this beautiful area has to offer. The bush, the beach, the down to earth and creative community, we truly do live in paradise and with nature on our doorstep at Let’s Grow we aim to create a space and develop a holistic programme that fits in with our beautiful surroundings so that cherished life long memories are created for the children at our centre.

Towards the end of 2019 Let’s Grow had a change of ownership, and Petruschka stepped up to the centre manager’s role. Our aims however remain unchanged, and the whole team continues to strive to give your children the best possible start to their lives.


“Children are being well supported to develop as confident and capable learners. Trusting and respectful relationships underpin teacher’s interactions with children and families. Teachers use a range of effective strategies to engage children in learning and play. They listen to children to ensure their conversations and involvement in play support social skills development, and encouragement to think and problem solve. Children enjoy friendships with their peers and have many opportunities to take responsibility and care for themselves, others and care for their environment.”

“Teaching practice is strongly focused on positive outcomes for children. ERO observed high-quality interactions and warm, respectful relationships. Teachers know children well and support them to engage in sustained learning activities. Intentional teaching practices scaffold learning and add increasing complexity to children’s play.”

“Children’s cultural diversity and individual qualities are acknowledged and valued. Children of Māori descent have their culture, language and identity valued and affirmed, and all children benefit from the use of te reo and tikanga Māori experiences that are naturally integrated into the programme.”

“Teachers skilfully interpret verbal and non-verbal communication and model appropriate language. Children’s sense of belonging and wellbeing is nurtured.”

View our full report here (2019)
View our full report here (2015)


For all enrolment enquiries please email us at

Once a start date is decided, we will mutually arrange a convenient time with you and the teachers of the designated room for you to spend some time in the centre with your child prior to their starting date. At Let’s Grow we believe that this is a vital part of the transitioning process, and helps to ensure that your child’s integration into the Let’s Grow family is as smooth as possible.

We look forward to having you and your children join the Let’s Grow family, and appreciate any feedback you have for us. Please let us know if there is anything you do not understand, or that is worrying you. Enjoy your visits, so you are able to relax, knowing your child feels comfortable and secure in their new environment.



Morning session Afternoon session School hours Full day Extended day
Up to 4.5hrs between 7.30am-12pm Up to 4.5hrs between 1pm-6pm 6.5hrs between 8.30am-3.30pm 6.5-8.5 hrs 8.5-10.5 hrs
$37.40 $37.40 $57.70 $65.10 $71.60

Discounted rates available for full-time & for siblings 


School hours Full day Extended day
6.5hrs between 8.30am – 3.30pm 6.5 to 8.5 hrs 8.5-10.5 hrs
$25.90 $31.30 $35.20
A limited number of fee free morning sessions using the 20 Hours ECE subsidy are available – enquire here


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