Kura Taiao – Weekly Adventures

We’re so lucky to have this wonderful space right on our doorstep!

Twice a week the Karioi room step into this wonderful out door world and spend the afternoon in nature without bikes, sandpits, our play corner, or art resources. Running free at Kura Taiao with little added resources has many wonderful learning outcomes for children

When we go to Kura Taiao we don’t usually bring much with us, just a mat to sit on and of course sunscreen, hats, water and food. This opens up many doors for the children to use their imagination and creativity, think outside the square, be inventive, and explore and experiment with the natural found materials around them. With little stimulation from resources the children stop and notice the wonder around them. Our aim here is to give children the opportunity to freely explore the natural environment. Here they can let their imagination run wild, find creatures in the grass and turn sticks into swords, wands, or sailing ships. Anything is possible when children are encouraged to explore and challenge themselves. There are trees to climb, long crass to sit in and a tidal stream and many birds to observe.

While we are at Kura Taiao we often observe and support children to challenge themselves and develop physically, socially and emotionally. We see wonderful learning dispositions emerge around social competency, creativity, self-regulation and observation skills. There are plenty of opportunities to practise and develop wonderful skills like collaboration, kaitiakitanga, and creativity. We also learn a lot about keeping ourselves and our friends safe as we navigate the driveway and carpark getting there. You may also see us lighting a small fire and learning about how to be safe around a fire. What fun!

We typically all go on our Kura Taiao adventures every Monday and Friday afternoon. If would like your child to join us please let us know. Please ensure your child brings with them gumboots and wet weather gear when needed as we like to explore this wonderful space rain or shine!